The Black glove is one of the most anticipated upcoming surreal first-person video game by Day for night games. This was a project which was announced via Kickstarter campaign which was released for Mac, Linux, PC. The game is a very weird theatre game which gives you the ability to disrupt the flow of time.

The game is all about it, allowing the player directly access influence present which can help one make the right choices throughout the game stories. The Equinox is an eerie 1920s theatre which is unstuck is conventional reality. This is a venue which is based in weird dream logic where one can be sucked in holes in the space. The houses itself can have very creative, which can have a direct impact on the theatre.

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This is the place where the player is the curator where the person is tasked to alter with the pasts of the creators, which influences the present day. The creators influence the present day, and the whole scene can change depending on the player’s choice. The creators may easily become influenced by kaiju films which is an 8-bit video game, and the music reminds of the 60s era pop art, 70s cosmic comics with a lot more to the whole aspect of the game.

The player is given the ability to influence time and play these games, which might seem strange, which can give you more and more control. This game also gives you access to summon the black glove, which allows players to invade time which can alter the past directly. The player can alter the Medium, message and muse of the individual artist which can change the course of the present.

The game also provides you with a surreal first-person adventure which can allow you to raise funds. This is gaming kick-starters which is a sluggish start which has its things around, which is a lot of work. This game can give you the rush to complete as the time is over, which is the most funded project on kick starters in a video game campaign. It is a fun game which can allow you to have industry credits. The black glove is quite an original concept which is centred around Equinox as is an eerie theatre which seems sot be stuck in conventional reality.

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The Black glove is a not a high concept pitch which can allow you to make money in reality. It is a very weird and mysterious game which, according to the co-founder, is to tell people about how much they can tell and what is enough to help them get a bit of challenge.