Black Glove Gameplay Detail

What’s the player’s moment-to-moment experience like in The Black Glove? Let’s take a look!

We’re assuming you’ve already watched the Kickstarter trailer below and are somewhat familiar with the premise already, but to quickly refresh your memory…

You’ve arrived at The Equinox, a surreal 1920s theatre that appears to be unstuck from conventional reality. There are three resident creators: the artist Marisol, the filmmaker Avery Arnault, and the musical act Many Embers. Their work is in terrible shape when you arrive and it’s aversely affecting the health of the place in a variety of bizarre, metaphysical ways. You’ve been charged with altering aspects of the creators’ past to improve their work in the present and get the theatre back on its feet.

theblackglove14You’ve entered The Art Gallery and seen Marisol’s “Dead Man’s Party” exhibit featuring a series of skeleton sculptures made out of wax, wood, and more.

You’ve overheard a brief conversation in front of the display of a wall-crawling skeleton made of gum. After receiving word from The Critic about how the work was “Too arts-and-craftsy… Like something one makes at summer camp…”, The Creator admitted that she “struggled to find the right medium.”

By exploring the environment fully, you can discover narrative elements that give background on Marisol and the key influences in her life. You can also interact with or listen in on a series of group conversations from The Crowd about their lives, artistic preferences, and thoughts on the work.

But don’t forget: You have an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal, The Black Glove…


Not only can The Black Glove be used to alter aspects of each creators’ past, you can utilize it as a metaphysical investigator and discover what’s hidden beneath the surface of The Equinox.