There are a few words written in Latin on the back of The Equinox mirror mode in The Black Glove. They translate to:

“Forgive those who struggle against fate.”

It seemed like an appropriate message to hide in a game about altering the mistakes of the past and, well… it’s come to mind a few times recently.

Okay, bad news first: We’ve decided to shelve The Black Glove for now. Good news: The team members are all working on exciting new games.

We’d like to thank everyone who lent their support to the project. Whether you checked out the project on Kickstarter, wrote a news story about it, created awesome fan art, gave advice, or even just RTed, thank you a thousand times.

As you’ll recall, we began The Black Glove shortly after our previous studio shuttered, working on the game in our spare time while juggling freelance assignments.

In October, we attempted to use raise the funds to make the game via Kickstarter. It didn’t work out, so we decided to explore other potential opportunities.

We put together a gameplay demo that showed how you used The Black Glove artifact to explore the narrative rich environments of The Equinox and unlock its secrets. We brought it to GDC and PAX East and showed it to publishers behind closed doors.

We garnered some interest, but didn’t find the perfect glass slipper we were looking for and, understandably, began to lose key people to full-time work elsewhere.

We’ve invested thousands of hours and considerable thought and emotion into the project, so it’s hard to step away, but it’s not forever.

Design legend Paul Neurath said to us recently, “In my experience, good ideas don’t have expiration dates.”

They’re words we’ve really taken to heart, so we intend to return to The Black Glove later when we can do it right.

We hope you’ll keep an eye out for our friends’ projects in the meantime:

– Animation maestro Pete Paquette has a narrative/puzzle game in the works. Follow Wolf Island Games on Twitter to learn more.

– You can hear our amazing voice cast Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal, Fryda Wolff, Oliver Vaquer, and Liam O’Brien in a slew of recent and upcoming games like Pillars of Eternity, Mighty No. 9Evolve, and Game of Thrones.

– Writer Charles Soule (and I) recently contributed to Human Head’s Lost Within, a horror game for iOS and Android platforms. And if you haven’t read his Oni Press’ series Letter 44, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.

– You can see more of Robb Waters’ amazing concept art in OtherSide Entertainment’s Underworld Ascendant, a modern follow-up to the Ultima Underworld series being created by many of the original Looking Glass developers.

– For my part, I’ve got an upcoming book (see oblique hints here), recently did some contract work on… a mystery game project, and just started up as Design Director at OtherSide on Underworld Ascendant.

And that’s just everything we can tell you about yet. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks again to everyone for your extraordinary support.

Be seeing you,

Joe Fielder


Day For Night Games